One Voice

What is BankPac?

In 1976 the Texas Bankers Association Political Action Committee was formed to protect the livelihood of the banking industry. The goal of BankPac is to provide direct monetary contributions to support those elected officials or candidates for state and federal offices who support Texas banking. BankPAC allows Bankers to band together to provide contributions to those political candidates who support our causes or who have demonstrated an interest in our industry.

Who is BankPac for?

As a Texas banker, TBA BankPAC is your Political Action Committee. BankPAC unites the voice of bankers across Texas to protect and promote your interests and the banking industry!

Why BankPac?

State and federal legislators continue to introduce bills that could negatively impact the way banks conduct their business. BankPAC helps your voice to be heard at the Capitals in both Austin and Washington, D.C. A strong political action committee is essential for an effective government relations effort.


Getting involved in BankPAC ensures the strength and vitality of the industry that supports your livelihood. Every banker can do his or her part to protect the industry by contributing to BankPac. If every Texas banker contributed just $1 a week, we could go a long way toward shaping the future of the industry.

TBA BankPac Political Purpose

The political purpose of TBA BankPac is to provide the opportunity for individuals interested in the future of the banking industry to contribute to the support of worthy candidates for State and federal office who believe in the principles to which the banking industry is dedicated.

For information on TBA BankPac, please contact at 512-472-8388.

BankPac Campaigns

Conducting a BankPac campaign is the best way to ensure full participation from your bank’s employees — from your tellers to your officers and directors. Bankers who have conducted campaigns tell us employees are eager to contribute to their industry once the issues affecting banks and the legislative process are explained.

If you need help running a BankPac campaign at your bank, please fill out and submit this contact form.