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FDIC Approves Rule Allowing Early Adoption of Regulatory Capital Relief

The FDIC approved a joint final rule with the OCC and the Federal Reserve that would allow banks to adopt early the relief provisions included in the recently finalized capital simplification rule.

FDIC Final Rule Sets Community Bank Leverage Ratio at 9%

The FDIC approved a final rule allowing community banks with a leverage capital ratio of at least 9% to be considered in compliance with Basel III capital requirements and exempt from the complex Basel calculation.

EEOC Intends to Drop Pay Data Collection Requirement

The EEOC announced last week that it does not intend to renew its authority to collect data on employees’ pay and hours worked (known as Component 2 Data) after that authority expires.

Senate Confirms Fed Governor Bowman to 14-Year Term

The Senate yesterday voted to confirm Federal Reserve Governor Michelle Bowman to a full 14-year term on the board of governors.