Burgess Talks Trump Meeting on Fox Business

March 13, 2017

TBA Past Chairman and ABA Chairman-Elect Ken Burgess appeared on Fox Business’ “Varney and Co.” program on Friday to discuss the community banker meeting with President Trump the day before and describe ABA’s agenda for pro-growth regulatory reform.

“What I saw was a businessman with a business approach,” Burgess said of Trump. “He was very quick to ask aides who they could deal with on these questions.” Without getting into names, the bankers also discussed regulatory posts with the president, Burgess said. “We need people in the regulatory agencies who can bring a common-sense approach to how those rules are applied to different-size banks.”

Burgess — who is also chairman of FirstCapital Bank of Texas in Midland — told host Stuart Varney that ABA is urging policymakers to “look at specific areas of Dodd-Frank that are causing such a crush at community banks around the country,” adding that “we’ve had about 25,000 pages of new regulations passed out since Dodd-Frank was passed in 2010.” Watch the interview.