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TBA Services Company, Inc., known as TBASCO, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Texas Bankers Association. Organized in 1987, TBASCO’s mission is to link TBA member banks with providers of high-quality products and services that support day-to-day bank operations.

At TBASCO, we do all the research for you by putting providers through a lengthy investigative process which is overseen by our 10-member TBASCO Board of Directors, comprised of nine Texas bankers and the TBA President & CEO. TBASCO’s reputation for integrity and thorough due diligence means that you can trust and value the products and services deemed worthy to be awarded the title, “TBA Endorsed.”

Endorsed Partners

TBA Endorsed LogoOur TBA Endorsed Partners will help you increase your bank’s efficiency to maximize income and ensure the highest possible level of service to your customers. When considering a third party provider, look for the TBA Endorsed logo.

Upcoming Events

Board Meeting Optimization: Driving Excellence

Passageways will be joined by Peter Gleason, President and CEO of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), which empowers over 17,000 directors, including 87% of the Fortune 1000, to be well-prepared for challenges in the boardroom.

Detecting & Reporting Loan Fraud

Product experts demonstrate how Verafin not only detects suspicious loan charge-offs, but also proactively alerts you to loans at risk of defaulting before being charged-off — helping you uncover potentially suspicious activity.

Multi-Channel Fraud Detection

Join Verafin for a discussion on the fraud detection challenges facing your institution, including a demonstration of solutions to protect your institution and your customers from fraudsters trying to evade detection and launder illicit proceeds.

CDD/EDD & Customer Risk Management

Watch a demonstration of Verafin's end-to-end CDD/EDD solution that helps you gather information, assess risk, as well as monitor and review high-risk customer activities. This approach allows you to focus on the greatest risks with enhanced risk-mod

Future Readiness: Is Your Marketing Future Ready? (Part Two)

Future Readiness is a three-part series of discussions on the real world of banking, marketing and payments to help prepare banks and credit unions for success during more rapid change.