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Benefits and Compensation

Marrying Investment Policy with Funding Policy in DB Plans 
Pentegra Retirement Services
One of my earliest defined benefit (DB) clients, in the early 2000s when actuaries still had broad discretion over interest rate assumptions, was using 8 percent as the discount rate for liabilities. As a quick explanation of what this means, an 8 percent assumption implies a dramatically cheaper funding cost than, say, a 6 percent assumption, because it costs less to accumulate assets over time if you earn more interest. As it turned out in the “lost” decade, anything over 6 percent was too high.





Think Like a Hacker  
CSI Managed Services
This white paper examines strategies to defend against dangerous cyber criminals: how to recognize both social engineering and external penetration attacks; ways to identify both types of threats; and strategies to protect your network, institution and customers from falling prey to today’s sophisticated hackers.

Understanding the Cause and Effect of DDoS
CSI Managed Services
April 2014
Cybercriminal attacks continue to threaten financial institutions. The growing frequency of these intrusions, predominantly distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, heightens the need for banks and credit unions to maintain strong security protocols. These increasingly sophisticated and omnipresent threats continue to evolve, making the protection of your organization’s perimeter and infrastructure ever more complex, yet essential. This white paper examines the various types of DDoS attack modes, recent comments from regulators related to DDoS and how to mitigate risk for your institution.


Human Resources

How to Create a More Strategic HR Department
More than ever organizations are demanding that their HR departments become more strategic to better contribute to the health and overall wealth of the business. Transforming your existing HR department into a needed strategic component of your growing business takes careful consideration and focus.



Ready, Set, Reset: HELOCs Poised for Billions in Growth
Harland Clarke
September 2014
Three current trends — including draw period expirations — are elevating HELOCs back to the consumer lending star status they were prior to the Great Recession. See how to take advantage of this opportunity to grow your loan portfolio.



Exploring the Business Potential of Generation Z 
Harland Clark
In case you haven't noticed, there's a new generation of bank prospects ready for your attention. Americans born after 1995--dubbed Generation Z--are starting to leave the comfort of home for college. Over the next decade, they'll be finding work, getting married, having their own kids and seeking a financial partner to help them fund a productive lifestyle. Is you bank prepared to fine-tune its marketing messages and communication strategies to pursue their business? If not, here's why you should be.

Tapping the $7.5 Trillion Mass Affluent Market
Harland Clarke
January 2015
As a collective group, Mass Affluents control more than $7.5 trillion in investable assets. Yet, they represent a largely untapped opportunity for financial institutions.

To Branch or Not to Branch? Should Technology be Used to Drive Customers to, or Away from Bank Offices?
August 2014
With the rise of several branchless banks, including Capital One 360, formerly ING Direct, and Ally, many community banks are wondering if they should reduce overhead expenses by following a similar model.

What Do You Really Know? How Financial Service Marketers Can Win Using Better Data
Harland Carke
July 2014
If you don’t have data to drive your decisions, assess your initiatives and judge your success, you’re operating in the dark. Get a seat at the marketing strategy table with the C-level executives by showing them the numbers that validate your endeavors.

11 Steps to Holistic Loan Marketing
Harland Clarke
August 2015
With a Q1 2015 rise in consumer credit, U.S. lending is showing signs of a comeback. Is your marketing plan solid enough to capture the volume of quality loans you want? ow is the time to review strategies with an eye toward improvement. This white paper will show you how to define,design, test and deploy campaigns that deliver strong results.



Payment Card Data Security
July 2015
Payment cards--credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards--now generate two out of every three transactions in the U.S. As a financial institution, your cardholders and your card accepting business customers expect you to safeguard their payments information and their underlying accounts. This paper outlines a series of recommended strategies to help ensure the integrity of payment card data.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Budgeting and Planning: How to turn mandatory finance and risk disclosures into strategic tools 
Wolters Kluwer Financial Services 
February 2015
Firms can become lean, agile capital-efficient machines if they aim to become ‘much fitter’ instead of just ‘less fat.’ Psychologically this distinction is important for the board of directors. At present the budgeting, planning and forecasting process is not unlike the popular post-holiday detoxification process that often occurs in January; good intentions set against the social and economic reality of the year ahead. What is needed is a little forethought and determination.



Get More From Your Core
CSI Managed Services
Banking is all about channels. And as the battle for customer acquisition and retention escalates, victory exceedingly hinges on a bank’s ability to provide an integrated channel experience that gives customers one place to logon, make transactions, transfer money, ask questions — and get the same real-time answer no matter which channel they use. This white paper examines the benefits and efficiencies financial institutions gain by integrating their digital channels and ancillary products through their core processing partnership.