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CFPB Harmonizes Regs B and C

The CFPB yesterday modified the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (Regulation B) to provide flexibility for lenders around the collection of applicants’ demographic data under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (Regulation C).

CFPB Issues Small Entity Compliance Guide on Arbitration Rule

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Friday released a small entity compliance guide on the bureau’s final rule drastically constricting the use of mandatory arbitration agreements in consumer financial contracts.

FTC Confirms Investigation into Equifax Breach

The Federal Trade Commission yesterday confirmed that it has opened an investigation into the Equifax data breach disclosed last week.

Congress Passes Debt Ceiling, Harvey Relief, Flood Insurance Package

The House on Friday voted on a legislative package that suspends the debt ceiling and funds the federal government through Dec. 8 and provides $15 billion in disaster relief for Hurricane Harvey victims.

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  • September 28 2017
    The Complete Fundamentals 09/28/2017 This introductory seminar combines elements from the prior Trust Fundamentals, Estate Fundamentals, and Investment Fundamentals programs into an efficient two-day format. The first day offers a comprehensive overview on trusts - addressing terminology, administration, fiduciary and agency services, assets and ownership, taxation and regulation. The second day focuses on the basics of estate planning, management and settlement and also offers an easy-to-understand review of trust investments - terminology, investment objectives, asset allocation, securities and nontraditional investments. This cost-effective seminar is perfect for newcomers to the trust field, internal auditors, administrative assistants, business development officers, and anyone with a desire to understand "the basics."

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  • October 26 2017
    Advanced Trust & Portfolio Management Forum 10/26/2017 This event is designed for experienced wealth management and trust professionals. It offers valuable continuing education on a broad range of timely topics in an efficient, cost-effective format. The setting encourages questions and discussion, while the breaks offer the benefits of peer networking.

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    Questions: Contact Ashlee Bennett at e-mail or call (512) 472-7391.


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  • November 3 2017
    Current Risk Issues & Compliance Seminar 11/03/2017 New regulation and litigation heighten risks for fiduciaries. With an increasingly complex operating environment, your organization needs to stay on top of the latest issues, challenges and approaches to compliance, auditing and risk management. This seminar includes valuable material, presentations and discussions to help you address these timely issues.

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    Questions: Contact Ashlee Bennett at e-mail or call (512) 472-7391.


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