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Committee Passes 11 Bipartisan Reg Relief Bills

Posted on 3/27/2015
The House Financial Services Committee yesterday approved 11 bipartisan bills designed to relieve community banks from some of the harmful regulatory burden imposed by Washington.

Debate on 11 Bipartisan Bills Continues Today

Posted on 3/26/2015
The U.S. House Financial Services Committee will continue its debate today on 11 bipartisan bills that would provide regulatory relief for community banks.

FDIC’s Gruenberg Testifies on Operation Choke Point

Posted on 3/25/2015
Guidance that FDIC issued in 2012 listing types of businesses associated with higher-risk activity was not intended to discourage banks from serving such businesses, FDIC Chairman Martin Gruenberg told a House subcommittee yesterday.

Fed Releases Audited Financial Statements

Posted on 3/23/2015
The Federal Reserve Banks held a combined $4.5 trillion in assets at year’s end, $500 billion more than 2013.